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24 mai SSCG la Ringstar Pet Hotel din noua locatie Odaii

detalii pe facebook si pe blog-ul organizatorilor

de la ora 13 "lucrusoarele" ne asteapta sa le alegem in beneficiul animalutelor ...

nu uitati ca puteti si dona ...

10-11 mai yard sale Dianei 4

2 zile de scotocit si shopping ...

urmariti detalii pe facebook si pe blog-ul Gabi Urda

vizualizare casa in functie de adresa
Este incredibil : scrie orice adresa si vei vizualiza casa
Scrie orice adresa (orasul si strada) de pe glob si te duce direct pe strada cautata!!!
E un soft ce acceseaza Google Earth fara sa mai fie nevoie sa instalezi nimic pe PC ...

adrese utile

Si vous êtes d'accord, partagez.
leader de la garde d'animaux

Si vous êtes d'accord, partagez.
leader de la garde d'animaux

urne pt hrana animalutelor in Carrefour

Incepand din 3 aprilie in magazinele Carrefour sunt amplasate urne in care putem dona hrana pentru animalele din adaposturi, in cadrul campaniei "Ajuta animalele din adaposturi" lansata de compania MARS (producator Pedigree si Whiskas) impreuna cu Carrefour. Daca nu puteti ajunge direct la un adapost pentru a dona hrana, o puteti face cand mergeti la cumparaturi la Carrefour! Campania de desfasoara in 9 orase, in cadrul a 16 magazine Carrefour, astfel: Carrefour Baneasca - CNPA Mogosoaia, Carrefour Colloseum - Asociatia Sf. Francisc din Assisi, Carrefour Berceni - Asociatia Depind de Noi, Carrefour Colentina - Asociatia Nobody's Dogs, Carrefour Militari - Asociatia Ham Miau, Carrefour Vitantis - Asociatia A doua Sansa, Carrefour Orhideea - Asociatia GIA, Carrefour Brasov - Asociatia ANU, Carrefour Buzau - Prieteni Credinciosi, Carrefour Cluj - Nuca, Carrefour Constanta - STRAAD, Carrefour Focsani - Prietenii Animalelor, Carrefour Iasi - Asociatia Clopotel, Carrefour Oradea - Asociatia SOS Dogs, Carrefour Pitesti - Asociatia Suflete

noua pagina a asociatiei HAM MIAU

Noua pagina Asociatia Ham Miau !
Au nevoie de ajutor!
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Apr 30 at 8:01 PM

If you've ever suffered the loss of a pet, you'll know how deeply their absence can be felt. But have you ever thought about how your they would feel about you? Humans aren't the only species who grieve for lost loved ones. Scientists are now finding new evidence that animals honour, mourn, and even hold wakes for their dead.
This month TIME Magazine is examining animal grief in detail, with compelling evidence and stories from around the world…
"There are accounts of chimp mothers that refuse to surrender a baby that has died, holding the body for days or weeks after it has gone cold and begun to decompose. There are elephants that stay by the body of a fallen herdmate long after a death —examining, touching, attending — or stop to caress and examine elephant bones they find. There are dogs and cats that languish and refuse food when a playmate dies, the cats expressing their grief with a terrible keening cry. Bonobos rage, rage against the dying of the light, sometimes throwing rocks at a dead troopmate and pounding its chest in frustration before pounding their own. Apparent sorrow following a death has been observed on the farm — among goats, pigs, ducks — and in the oceans as dolphin mothers, like primate mothers, push the bodies of their dead young in front of them." Read the full story at
Animals may not speak our language — but their understanding of the world, of love, and loss, may be greater than we will ever know. Yet another reason, to be their voice
This video from the US has gone viral recently, prompting many people to consider for the first time whether grief is an emotion exclusive to the human domain. Without more detail we can't say for sure what this animal is experiencing, but what appears certain is that animals can and do experience profound grief, perhaps differently, but in ways we can still clearly recognise.
Vid via youtube/WorldBestChannel


Have you ever heard of a caraval? That's what Zepo is. He's the offspring of a serval and caracal. National Geographic Kids Magazine featured his story here:

apel pt cateii Asociatiei pt viata

Azi am mai scos 10 catei din Pallady. Abia la miezul noptii am ajuns si eu definitiv acasa, sunt franta, revin maine cu poze ( pe seara, probabil ), ca acum nu mai am putere. Maine de dimineata o luam de la capat. Cateii sunt binisor, 4 abia isi revenisera din anestezie ( dupa castrare ) iar unul l-am luat direct de la operatie, adormit. Suntem cu ochii pe ei. Doi tusesc cam rau, la alti doi le curge nasul, sunt cam apatici .... dar vom face tot ce se poate sa ii punem pe picioare cat de repede. Multumim din suflet tuturor celor care ne-au ajutat pana acum !
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BRD Unirea, Swift BRDEROBU
Beneficiar: Asociatia pentru apararea drepturilor omului, animalelor si protectia mediului - pentru viata





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