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7 Things You May Not Realize About Your Cat


Cats Playing in Packing Peanuts Compilation


personalizarea adoptiei Luna asteapta parinti

Razvan Alexandru
October 4 at 7:57pm · Bucharest · Edited · Luna & me in duet
Luna, Luna...
Is the most beautiful
And the most loving (she's not agreeing on that one )
And the most picky ("yea, sure")
Cat in the house...
Chorus: Let's eat!
Come on, let's eat!
Come on, let's eat!..
Luna, disponibila pentru adoptie /Unfortunately she is up for adoption…

aprilie 2016 Romexpo Cat Olimpia World Show

2016 Cat Olimpia World Show
Deutsche Edelkatze, Magnificats, Vier Pfoten
co-organiser Romexpo
L# 164044
Invited Judges: (more to be announced )
Judges List:
Anneliese Hackmann, DE
Andreas Möbius, DE
Albert Kurkowski, PL
Cornelia Hungerecker, DE
Klaas van der Wijk, NL

Show hotel and details of gala dinner to be announced soon.

2016 Cat Olimpia World Show

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Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling By Bevani (Flute Cover)



Hosted by Petra Ciocan and Georgiana Neagu
15going 7maybe 527invited

Sunday, October 11 at 10:00am - 6:00pm in UTC+03

Maxi Pet Vitan Șos. Mihai Bravu, nr. 319, sector 3, Bucharest, Romania Avem un adapost cu aprox.500 de catei,cheltuielile sunt mari de aceea avem nevoie de ajutorul vostru!!! Avem nevoie de hrana,orice conteaza,bobite,orez,conserve,orice ii va face bucurosi pe catei si vor da din codite fericiti!!! Multumim din suflett!!!!


Monica Gabriela Maghiar added photos to Food help is needed around 25-30 euros weekly, please in Kitty Connections.April 25 · Paypal will be inactive at the end of the month, page
My appeal is always help for food, now more canned food for the 2 mommas. SO I will be able to provide the rest: the house, cure with medication or injections for uri sick cats, blankets, litter, the cleaning (water, detergents, etc.), the time to spend to: find, cure mange strays, trap and bring to be spayed always many stray cats, take them at the vet to be spayed and bring them back with my car or I used the bicyle all the summer last year 4 km distance. Open please to see all the picts. Thank you all here

Figaro distractiv

se cauta voluntar promovare adoptii Red Panda

Red Panda Romania Îți plac animalele, ești o persoană dedicată și organizată, vrei să te susții o cauză nobilă? Te vrem în echipă!
Avem nevoie de un voluntar pentru "departamentul" de adopții. Persoana pe care o căutam trebuie să fie organizată, să aloce căteva ore pe săptămana acestui rol, să interacționeze cu animalele, să cunoască limba engleza, să fie serioasă. Talentul la scris și fotografie sunt un plus!
Ne puteți scrie pe sau tel. 0723316673.
Vă rugăm distribuiți, avem nevoie de ajutor ca mai mulți căței și pisici să aibă o casă!

buy a house save a life

The bitter cold and the snow can create life threatening conditions for animals kept outside especially when the animal is without proper shelter or body condition. The dog houses along with donated straw for bedding are saving lives. So we put out our plea for donations now, as there’s no much time left until freezing temperatures will take over and, as you all know, winter is rather harsh in Romania.
A new dog house costs only 35 Euros, is made out of wood and it features a tin covered rooftop and a coat of protective varnish. Most of our old houses are in very poor condition, as they are too old, the weather took its toll or the dogs had their way with them. Whatever we can repair, we will, but it is of extreme importance that we soon replace the broken ones with new ones. Also, as you know, we had to take in a huge number of dogs this year which raises considerably the number of dog houses we need to buy.
So, please, buy a house for a shelter dog! You can save a lif…

doctor adevarat

Piano Jazz & Jazz Piano: 2 Hours of Best Smooth Jazz Piano Music


'Cute Cats Love Hugging' Compilation 2015 - FunnyTV