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Pit bull puppy happy to be reunited with its rescuer

Are Cities for People or Cars ?

trist, revoltator, impresionant; din pacate soarta multora ...

I never left my box cry emoticon
They got me to love forever.
I was a happy puppy!!
Then I got sick.
They took me for a ride.
They got me out.
They put me in a box.
I was next to a road.
They drove off!
It was so cold outside.
They left me.
It was getting dark!
I was so scared.

I never left my box,
how would my people find me when they came back?
A car drove past.
Then another.
I was feeling super awful,
and I was so cold.
I stayed in my box like a good boy though.
They would come!
Another car drove by.
Not them...
Then another car,
they stopped.
Was it my person?!
It was someone else.
She picked me up.
She was warm.
She took me away from that box.
She took me to a house.
She called me Jack.
Am I Jack?
She talked to me lots.
She snuggled me up in a blanket.
She was looking worried,
I was feeling worse.
Another person showed up.
They both looked worried now.
I can't keep my eyes open.
I can't stop throwing up.
I sure hurt something awful.
I am cold even in this fuzzy blanket.
They decided to take me to an "er clinic".
Is that place fun?
I got put in a truck.
She snuggled me as she drove.
I was going for a ride.
I don't think I like rides.
Please don't take me back to that box!
I will be a good boy!
I promise!
She took me inside a place.
They looked worried there also.
They poked me for "tests".
She snuggled me while they did.
She kept me warm,
even though I was cold.
I felt terrible.
I wanted to sleep.
She stayed with me.
They came back into my room.
She started crying.
She held me.
They all petted me.
I am a good boy!
I feel such love.
They said I wouldn't hurt anymore.
I like the sound of that,
because I really hurt.
There were lots of tears.
She snuggled me when the doctor gave me something to stop my pain.
The pain was stopping, thank you.
I felt her powerful love as I fell asleep.
Can I have that love forever? I promise to be a good boy!
(Yes Jack, you can have my love forever baby boy.) -mom
*This is the three year anniversary day of losing "Jack in the box". He was with us for only a few hours but he left a huge hole in our hearts.

Penguins - A Cute And Funny Penguin Videos Compilation || NEW HD

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Nicăieri nu-i ca acasă!
Vizităm locuri minunate din ţara noastră la Exclusiv in Romania, de la ora 18:00, pe TVR1 şi TVR HD


Ionică Carcalete to Golden Retriever Romania
In urma evenimentelor petrecute in ultima saptamana, cred ca ati inteles atentia pe care trebuie sa o acordam blanosilor din toate punctele de vedere.
Deparazitarile externe frecventa 21 zile + zgarda sau spray repelant+ control vizual zi de zi. (Advantix, Frontline, Bravecto, Nexguard, Certifex, etc)
Deparazitarile interne frecventa 90-120 zile (Drontal, Milbemax)
Vidarea glandelor frecventa 60 zile
Control medical, analize si eco; anual sau la nevoie.
Vaccinari anuale
Mancare de calitate si suplimente pentru cei care au nevoie

Toate cele de sus sunt lucruri elementare in cresterea unui blanos.
Orice stare de "nu este cainele meu" trebuie luata in considerare si tratata cu interes. Cazurile de babesioza si multe alte afectiuni au inceput sa aiba patologii diferite si inselatoare. Apatia se instaleaza in principal in toate cazurile si este un semn.
Va provoc sa mergeti cu blanosi la control si sa postati rezultatele analizelor. Pentru ca am scris acest post am sa incep eu primul cu un set de analize. Simtiti-va liberi sa comentati daca am omis ceva.

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Bucharest Dog Shows 5- 6 martie 2016

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Originea cuvantului 'salariu' ~ Romania Misterioasa

Originea cuvantului 'salariu' ~ Romania Misterioasa


Ioana Bodea added a new video.
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 Ioana Bodea We managed to collect 125 euros with your help my friends. Unfortunately we still have need twice this amount for the build paddock.

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duminica la 11.30 urgente veterinare

din 6 martie 2016 La 11.30 incepe primul episod din petMERGENCY pe Realitatea TV - singura emisiune in care poti vedea urgente medicale veterinare reale! Descopera-i pe medicii care fac minuni pentru a-i salva pe prietenii nostri necuvantatori!




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