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Antonia's birthday fundraiser Strângere de fonduri iniţiată de Voice For The Needy pentru Voice For The Needy           Despre strângerea de fonduri EN: Antonia’s shelter opened 11 years ago and since then she rescued countless stray and abandoned dogs and cats. Thanks to her, over 3000 dogs and cats have been spayed and found loving homes. In her free time she holds classes in local schools where she teaches compassion and responsibility toward animals. Today her shelter hosts 170 dogs, 10 cats, 8 lambs, and 1 goat. Antonia only employee of the shelter. Although she has her own home, she moved into the shelter 7 years ago to make sure she can take care of all the problems that arise basically 24/7. The only help she gets is from her little girl and the occasional volunteers. For her birthday Antonia wants all her dogs to be fed and have access to all the vet care they need. If you care about her rescue work and want to help her continue it, please spare a little and donate to h…