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Direct Taxation

Issue 187, November 2009
Legislative updates
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Corporate tax relief on reinvested profit
Law no. 329/2009 (hereinafter “The Law”) regarding the reorganization of some public authorities, the efficiency of public expenses, support for the business environment and compliance with the general agreement with the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund has been published in Official Gazette no. 761 (9 November 2009).
This Law introduces a new Article 192 into the Fiscal Code (Law 571/2003 with subsequent amendments) regarding corporate tax relief on reinvested profit, which can be applied up to 31 December 2010.
Consequently, profit reinvested in the production and/or acquisition of technical equipment (machines, equipment and work installations) is exempt from corporate tax. The type of equipment eligible is defined in subgroup 2.1 of the Categorization list regarding the classification and the normal useful life of fixed assets used for obtaining taxable revenues.
The profit which can be reinvested is defined as the balance of the profit (loss) for the accounting period, or the accumulated accounting profit from the beginning of the year, in the year in which the investment is realized. The tax relief is offered up to the limit of corporate tax due for the period in which these investments are made.
During the period 1 October – 31 December 2009, the tax exemption will be applied for the accounting profit earned starting from 1 October 2009 and reinvested in the produced and/or acquired fixed assets after this date.
Taxpayers which are required to pay quarterly profit tax may deduct any profit reinvested in a previous quarter from the cumulated annual profit tax calculated since the start of the year.
For those taxpayers which have previously paid income tax (i.e. micro-enterprises) and have subsequently become corporate taxpayers, the corporate tax relief is calculated by taking into consideration the accumulated accounting profit invested in the above mentioned fixed assets starting with the quarter in which they became corporate taxpayers.
In this case also, for 2009 the accounting profit taken into account for the application of the tax relief will be the profit earned since 1 October 2009.
Moreover, those taxpayers which benefit from the facilities offered by this Law cannot benefit from the provisions of art. 261 of Law 346/2004 (as subsequently updated) regarding the stimulation of the setting-up and development of Small and Medium Enterprises.
The tax relief will be calculated quarterly or annually on a case by case basis, and the amount of profit which is defined as exempt will be allocated with priority for the setting-up of reserves, up to the level of the accounting profit recorded at the end of the previous financial year.
The corporate tax exemption applies only for new fixed assets, meaning those which have not been used before these provisions entered into force.
Taxpayers which benefit from this tax relief are required to keep the corresponding fixed assets for at least half of their normal useful life established according to the Categorization list regarding the classification and the normal useful life of fixed assets. Failure to comply with this condition will lead to the recalculation of corporate tax for the corresponding amounts as well as the application of late payment penalties.
Fixed assets transferred through reorganization, in which the beneficiary company takes over the reserve corresponding to the reinvested profit, thus taking over the rights and obligations of the transferor company are not covered by these provisions. Fixed assets alienated through liquidation/bankruptcy are also not covered.
If following the application of these provisions, the corporate tax payable falls below the level of the minimum tax, taxpayers are required to pay the minimum tax.
Program to encourage the renewal of the national reserve of tractors and self-propelled agricultural machines
According to the same Law (i.e. Law no. 329/2009) GEO no. 196/2005 regarding the Environment Fund (as subsequently amended),has been modified to include the Program for encouragement of the renewal of the national reserve of tractors and self-propelled agricultural machines. The aim is to reduce pollution by giving incentives for the scrapping of old tractors and self-propelled agricultural machines, which have exceeded their useful lives and also to increase productivity in the agricultural sector.
According to these provisions, the scrapping subsidy is offered by the Environment Fund Administration as a reduction in the acquisition price of a new tractor or self-propelled agricultural machine, when an old tractor or machine is offered for scrap at the same time.
The scrapping subsidy will be a maximum of RON 17.000, subject also to the following limits:
· For an individual- 50% of the acquisition price of the new tractor or self-propelled agricultural machine;
· For a legal entity – 40% of the acquisition price of the new tractor or self-propelled agricultural machine.
Any owner of an old tractor or self-propelled agricultural machine which meets all the conditions provided by the Law may benefit from the scrapping subsidy.
A new template for the Corporate Tax Return (“Form 101”)
The National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) has issued Order no. 1607/2009, published in Official Gazette no. 757 (5 November 2009), to introduce a new template for the Corporate Tax Return (“Form 101”), as well as instructions on how to to fill in the return.
The new template for Form 101 includes a new section ( “section C”) named “Information regarding the calculation of the annual minimum tax” which allows for the declaration of the minimum tax ,as introduced by GEO no. 34/2009 for certain categories of taxpayers, as follows:
· Subsection I – for banks which are Romanian legal entities, as well as branches in Romania of banks which are foreign legal entities, not for profit organizations and taxpayers which obtain revenues mainly from grain crops and technical plants, as well as fruit growing and viticulture;
· Subsection II – for other taxpayers
The new template for Form 101, as well as the instructions, is applicable starting with the annual tax obligations due for the 2009 fiscal year.
New Accounting Rules, in line with European Directives
The Ministry of Public Finance has issued Order nr. 3055/ 2009 (“the Order”) published in Official Gazette nr. 766 (10 November 2009) for the approval of the Accounting Rules in conformity with European Directives. The provisions of the Order will take effect from 1 January 2010, when Order of the Ministry of Public Finance nr. 1752/2005 will be abrogated.
KPMG Comment
While the Order states that changes are to be made to accounting policy, it also clearly emphasizes that these changes only take effect for future accounting periods, beginning with the one which follows the publication of this Order.
From a fiscal perspective, in principle a potential change of accounting methods could create a need to recognize new items of income and new expenses in the calculation of taxable profit.
Consequently, we recommend that as well as assessing the accounting impact of the implementation of new accounting policies, taxpayers should also make an assessment of the potential tax implications (in principle, such an assessment should be carried out on a case by case basis).
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Premiile Revistei de Drept Privat aferente anului 2008, articol primit prin mail

Revista Romana de Drept Privat a decernat Premiile pentru anul 2008 in cadrul unei festivitati ce a avut loc, vineri, 20 noiembrie 2009, ora 17.00, la Facultatea de Drept a Universitatii din Bucuresti, Sala "Constantin Stoicescu".
Premiul "Matei Barbu Cantacuzino" a fost acordat in colaborare cu Uniunea Nationala a Barourilor din Romania d-lui Ion Bacanu, pentru intreaga activitate in domeniul dreptului privat, OPERA OMNIA.
Au elogiat activitatea profesionala a dlui. Bacanu d-na Brandusa Stefanescu si dl. Viorel Mihai Ciobanu, care au evocat aportul fundamental la constituirea bazelor juridice ale organizarii si functionarii camerelor de comert si industrie din Romania.
Premiul "Traian Ionascu" a fost acordat in colaborare cu Uniunea Nationala a Executorilor Judecatoresti, d-lui Ovidiu Ungureanu si d-nei Cornelia Munteanu pentru lucrarea Tratat de drept civil. Bunurile. Drepturile reale principale (Editura Hamangiu, Bucuresti, 2008).
Premiul a fost inmanat de dl. Marius Crafcenco - presedintele UNEJ - si s-a bucurat de aprecierile d-lui prof. Liviu Pop.
Premiul "Henri Capitant" a fost acordat impreuna cu Asociatia Henri Capitant - Romania si in colaborare Uniunea Nationala a Practicienilor in Insolventa din Romania d-lui Ion Deleanu pentru lucrarea Drepturile fundamentale ale partilor in procesul civil. Norme nationale, norme conventionale si norme comunitare (Editura Universul Juridic, Bucuresti, 2008).
Momentul a fost marcat de o prelegere a d-lui prof. Ioan Les pe margine lucrarii premiate.
Asa cum am anuntat inca din nr. 1/2008 al Revistei romane de drept privat, in cadrul decernarii Premiilor RRDP anual se va decerna Premiul "Octavian Capatina" pentru cel mai original si valoros studiu publicat in paginile revistei. Astfel, in acest an, Premiul "Octavian Capatina" a fost decernat d-lui Radu Rizoiu pentru articolul Aplicabilitatea Conventiei Europene a Drepturilor Omului in materia garantiilor reale mobiliare, publicat in Revista romana de drept privat nr. 5/2008.

articol primit pe mail

Incredibil! Vorbesc limba romana, au auzit ca sunt romani, dar nu au idee ce si unde e Romania 03-10-2009
Gazeta de Maramures a facut o descoperire extraordinara. La doar 200 km de Sighet, exista 1.600 de oameni care vorbesc o limba asemanatoare limbii romane din Evul Mediu. Li se spune “volohi”. Prin anii ’90, au aflat ca, nu foarte departe de ei, existam noi, alti oameni care vorbesc aceeasi limba. Aceasta, datorita unui barbat intors din armata, care le-a dat volohilor un radio cu tranzistori, fixat pe Radio Bucuresti.
S-au refugiat toti la marginea padurii, langa satul ucrainean Poroscovo. Nu stie nimeni cum au ajuns ei acolo, nici macar batranii, asa ca nu stiu nici cine sunt. Ucrainenii ii numesc “tigani albi” si profita de ignoranta lor pentru a le pune in carca orice nelegiuire doresc. Daca ii intrebi, volohii din Poroscovo raspund ca sunt romani, pentru ca, pe cand mergeau cu totii la munca in Kazahstan, pana la destramarea URSS, au aflat ca exista un popor intreg care vorbeste ca ei. Dar pana acum, nu a reusit nici unul sa treaca granita, macar pana in Maramures si inapoi, pentru a le spune celorlalti daca este adevarat ce se spune: ca exista o tara intreaga a romanilor. Mai mult, ei nu au stiut nici macar de celelalte comunitati de romani din dreapta Tisei sau din alte parti ale Ucrainei.
Prizonierii altei lumi
Volohii nu numai ca vorbesc o romana de Ev Mediu, dar si traiesc ca in acele vremuri. Nestiutori de carte, intr-o saracie crunta, cu foarte multi copii si cu o speranta de viata foarte mica. Dupa cum au descoperit si jurnalistii maramureseni, in comunitatea volohilor exista un singur batran, pentru ca restul au murit, din cauza conditiilor extreme de trai si a bolilor. In casele de pamant traiesc chiar si 30 de suflete, astfel ca observatia Gazetei de Maramures este justa: cel mai probabil, comunitatea din Poroscovo detine recordul absolut la natalitate. Pana la lasarea serii, pe ulitele noroioase, nu vezi nici un barbat. Toti sunt la padure. Mai-marele lor e “Laci Biraul”, care spune ca, din tata-n fiu, familia lui s-a declarat ca fiind una de romani. Dar pana acum nu a vazut niciodata un roman, o harta a tarii noastre, nu a auzit de Bucuresti si nici de Ceausescu. In principiu, e la fel ca restul volohilor, care stiu ca sunt romani si asta le este de ajuns. “Nu stim cum am ajuns in zona. Nu stiu nici batranii cum au ajuns aici. Ai nostri batrani ziceau doar ca suntem romani”, a spus Laci Biraul. Cum nu au biserica si scoala in limba romana, el spune ca toti copiii invata romana din familie. Laci Biraul zice ca fiica lui ar fi interesata sa invete carte, eventual in Romania. Pentru moment, insa, asteapta sa nasca. Nici macar la recensamantul din 2001, oamenii din Poroscovo nu au fost inregistrati drept romani. Ei spun ca le-au zis “domnilor cu recensamantul” ca sunt romani, dar, cum nu stiu carte, ei au scris ce-au vrut. O alta dovada ca cei din Poroscovo sunt romani din instinct sunt obiceiurile lor. De Craciun, canta si ei niste colinde vechi, pe care nu-si mai amintesc de unde le stiu. La nunti, canta din acordeon. Numele sunt tot de-ale noastre: toti sunt Ion, Vasile, Ileana, Iancu. Numele de familie e Volosin, de la valah.
Tapul ispasitor al ucrainenilor
Aceasta comunitate nestiutoare si nestiuta de nimeni pana acum este, la nevoie, tapul ispasitor al ucrainenilor. Refuzand sa le spuna romani, ucrainenii spun ca volohii sau tiganii albi fura lemn, ii agreseaza pe padurari sau sunt niste oameni foarte corupti. Romanii, insa, spun ca multi din ei au ajuns la inchisoare, dupa ce au fost pusi sa citeasca documente pe care nu stiau sa le citeasca, dar in care recunosteau ca au comis diverse nelegiuiri. Uneori, fac aceste marturisiri in schimbul unei bucati de ciocolata, unui pachet de cafea sau al altor alimente de lux pentru ei. “Mi-i greu, ca al meu sange da inapoi. Cade inapoi si ma doare cand altii isi bat joc de el”, se plange Laci Biraul. Cei care i-au descoperit pe acesti romani uitati de toti invoca niste documente istorice, conform carora prin 1364, in zona Munkacevo, au fost adusi mai multi militari volohi. Tot pe atunci, in zona Poroscovo, s-ar fi infiintat sapte puncte de graniceri, unde lucrau tot volohi. Conform unui alt scenariu, romanii de la baza Carpatilor Padurosi ar fi urmasi ai ciobanilor volohi veniti in zona. Ucrainenii, insa, au alte teorii. Recent, un ziar ucrainean a spus ca volohii nu sunt romani, pentru ca asa a decretat o delegatie, care a facut o expeditie stiintifica in zona. Asa ca, spun ei, comunitatea din Poroscovo este una bizara, vorbitoare a unui dialect romanesc complicat, care traiesc ca niste tigani. Pana una-alta, romanii, ignorati de neamul din care se trag si de neamul in care traiesc, sunt folositori cand e vorba de inchiderea multor dosare de furt si alte infractiuni de acest gen.
Alina Matis

.... have a GREAT DAY !

If you want someone who will eat whatever you put in front of him

and never say its not quite as good as his mother's
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If you want someone always willing to go out, at any hour,
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If you want someone who will never touch the remote, doesn't care
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If you want someone who is content to get on your bed just to
warm your feet and whom you can push off if he snores
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If you want someone who never criticizes what you do, doesn't care
if you are pretty or ugly, fat or thin, young or old, who acts as if
every word you say is especially worthy of listening to, and loves
you unconditionally, perpetually ..
.....then adopt a dog.
BUT, on the other hand, if you want someone who will never come
when you call, ignores you totally when you come home, leaves hair
all over the place, walks all over you, runs around all night and only
comes home to eat and sleep, and acts as if your entire existence
is solely to ensure his happiness,
......then adopt a cat!
Now be honest, you thought I was gonna say... marry a man, didn't you?
Send this to all the women you know to brighten their day.
Send this to all the men just to annoy them!
.......have a GREAT Day!!!

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