APEL ANDA MURGU pt 2 padocuri si hrana catei

This event is to raise food for the 130 dogs from our shelter and money or materials to built 2 padocs in a place from Popesti Leordeni where we already have in foster 5 dogs for which we pay 500 Ron (150 euro) every month + food. We need to built these 2 padocs because our shelter is already full. An estimate price for all the materials and hand work is around 200 euro.

Even though we gave in adoption dogs, there are a lot of people that contact us for many cases on which we cannot pass by so easealy. These 2 padocs help us not to bring in the shelter anymore dogs, but also to help other serious cases.

If you can help please contact us on Facebook or you can donate in one of the account below:

Paypal - suflete.dragi@yahoo.com

Murgu Julieta Florinela - euro
RO13 BRDE441SV5238326 4410
BRD - sucursala Popesti Leordeni

Murgu Julieta Florinela - ron
BRD - suc. Popesti Leordeni



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