Adapostul Biby &Friends Dear Friends,
My boyfriend and I have a dream to help the suffering dogs of Odobești, our region of Romania.
We currently have 60 animals(dogs and cats )in our care but with your help we can do more .
Our Local Authority is not sympathetic to the plight of stray and unwanted dogs in this region.
The conditions in the Public Shelter are among the worst in Romania. This winter we have seen dogs die of cold in their pens, they die of disease all the time and after fourteen days are killed anyway by the management in the most brutal and barbaric ways.
We are both employed,my boyfriend is a dentist and i am a teacher so we will NOT be living from the donations , every euro will be spent on building a new and safe shelter for these poor suffering souls. There they will be cared for by us in a responsible and humane manner, vaccinated against disease and adoptions sought to other European countries , although we would hope in time , that through education and cultural change we might also achieve some local adoptions with people who have come to understand that animals suffer too and the joy that pet ownership can bring when an animal is cherished and cared for properly .
We have a dream that one day Romania will not be known for it's cruelty towards other sentient beings . So our proposed shelter has the objective of both caring for the dogs and to spread this culture of care into the wider community.
For this project we are asking for your help .
We have spoken to the Mayor of Odobești and he has agreed to give us some land 5000 meters for the begining on which to build a shelter.
This is a huge step forward and the biggest obstacle overcome . We are also having positive talks with local business people to lend their support.
We want to build a facility for stray and unwanted dogs of which Odobești, Focsani can be proud.
In the long term we want to involve the local community , to encourage schools to bring children to meet the dogs and to see a different way of treating animals.
We would like to extend the programme by rescuing a few horses and ponies , teaching and encouraging children to ride and care for them and that way also involving their parents. Perhaps we could hold little dog shows with prizes for the best kept dogs , fun classes like "dogs with the waggiest tails" and so on. We might also set up dog agility classes and competitions . We could teach people how to care for a dog properly , about vaccinations and spaying and neutering .
We have a dream of a model shelter that perhaps others in Romania might follow in their regions .
We would welcome visitors to see the work we were doing , to meet the dogs , we intend every aspect of this project to be open and transparent.
We would extend this welcome to supporters and visitors from other countries who we would love to meet
We are asking you if you could help us to make this dream come true ?


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