vaccinuri pt pisicutele gradinitei gargarita

Dana Taras a adăugat 28 de fotografii în albumul 27 kitties need badly 326 € for their vaccinations! din grupul Ladybug Kitty Nursery MiniGrădinița Gărgărița.
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Update: There are still 25 kitties that need sponsors for their vaccinations (302 €)! Please help them, it costs only 12 € for one cat!
Please help Eugenia take care of them properly! It would be very easy not to spend the money on vaccines, but Ladybug Kitty Nursery is not only providing them shelter and food, we want to make sure the cats are healthy and ready to go home anytime. Vaccines are crucial as they prevent the cats from getting sick and especially the younger ones.
The unpaid vet bill is already 610 € without these much needed vaccines (27 polyvalent and 23 rabies). Please sponsor one cat’s vaccination, it costs only 12 € and it really makes a huge difference! Some cats and kittens need their second vaccinations and some of them haven’t been vaccinated yet as they were too little. And it’s actually much cheaper to vaccine the cats than to buy the medication when they get sick. And they will, as their immune system won’t be able to fight the diseases.
Eugenia is overwhelmed and so desperate, as the vet’s support is crucial for her fostered kitties. Many of them come here from all over the country and they are in such a bad condition that they need medical treatment for a long period of time and sometimes very expensive surgeries. She can’t do it anymore, as the vet bills are higher and higher.
Your support and kindness are always so much appreciated and always will be!
You can send any donation to paypal: (please mention the cat’s name) or directly to the vet clinic and let us know in a private message:
- Paypal: (please mention "Petcu Eugenia")
- Bank account: RO42INGB0000999903758517, Name: Animax Ultra Vet; BIC code: INGBROBU (please mention "Petcu Eugenia")


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